Whether you’ve just passed your real estate test or you’ve been working in the industry for years, choosing the right brokerage is a decision that will require you to determine how you envision your career unfolding and what resources you want and need to help get you there.

The new generation of 100% commission brokerages have made their presence known in the industry and are beginning to attract top tier talent with their favorable model, a model that has put the traditional brokerage into question and has begun to define the future of the industry and its agents. Before, real estate agents were joining brokerages to rely on their powerful marketing tactics to bring in leads. Now, the shift to social media and online marketing has given new power to the agent to create their own successful sales.

Traditionally, real estate agents and brokerages agree to a percentage split of the gross commission earned. The split is dependent on variables that reflect the services the broker or agent provides. It’s not uncommon that real estate agents give up to 60% of their commission to their associated brokerage. With the 100% commission model, the agent receives their entire commission earned. The agent then is only responsible to pay a monthly set fee that is agreed upon with the brokerage. This model has not only allowed agents to keep the majority of their commission, but these 100% commission brokerages are concurrently providing their agents with the training, resources, and networking they need to close more deals, meet more people, and become more effective in doing so.

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For the agent looking for their first brokerage:

Until now, it has been common knowledge that agents usually do not stay with their first brokerage for very long.  Reasons vary from low commission agreements to lack of support. Many agents do not fully understand brokerage expectations and regulations before signing on and end up spending more time trying to fit into their mold rather than growing their sales pipeline. 100% commission brokerages have been taking the steps to develop the best real estate training programs that can guide new agents to success. After all, the model is most successful when the agent is consistently closing deals, growing their commissions, expanding their networks and referring new brokers into the model with them.

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For the experienced agent thinking about making the switch:

When deciding on making the switch to a 100% brokerage there are many factors to take into consideration. By now, you’ve built your client base up to where referrals are an important part of your business. With the 100% brokerage model, your full commission will go in your pocket, allowing you to benefit most off of your growing deals. You are able to run business with your client as you see fit without having to stress about the percentage your brokerage will be claiming.  As a seasoned professional, you understand your business best. With 100% brokerages, you are your own boss and are in control of making the decisions that affect you without policies and procedures to hold you back. For example, many traditional brokerages claim to take a percent of their earned commission to use towards advertising and lead generation. However, with social media and online marketing platforms, agents are able to generate their own, highly targeted leads at a fraction of the price. Take the creative control and brand yourself instead of trying to fit within a brokerage’s brand guidelines and rules.

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Whether you are new to the industry or a tenured professional, independence is key to an agent’s success. Many traditional brokerages mandate weekly sales meeting and office hours that create a standardized work environment for agents. This can impede the agent’s independence and ability to build their pipeline. With the 100% brokerage, agents are given the tools they need to continually learn and grow, and the freedom and independence to build the workday that works best for them. The training provided is not a one size fits all, yet a real estate training that will teach you how to market yourself, fill your pipeline and maximize your close.

Today’s real estate consumer expects to be treated like an individual. Traditional brokerages have systemized processes and procedures that create a worn out, outdated experience for the client. As an agent, your role is more important in creating personalized service for your clients. 100% brokerages allow you to do this without obliging you to follow predated guidelines.

Choosing the right brokerage is important because it will not only have an effect on your bottom line, but your career and your future within the industry. Finding the best real estate brokerage to work for means looking for a hybrid of modern real estate training that not only gives you the education and best practices, but teaches you to leverage your network through technology and smart networking.

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