Chicago Pre-Move-In Checklist

We know moving to a new home can be a crazy time, so to help make the transition as smooth as possible we have prepared a list of items that will help you prepare for your upcoming move and settling into your new home.

1. Transfer Your Utilities

Prior to the first day of your lease agreement, you will need to transfer all applicable utilities into your name.  At the end of your lease you will need to transfer the utilities out of your name. Please do not shut utilities off at the end of your lease, as the new tenants will be transferring the utilities into their names.  Depending on which utilities are included in your rent (see your lease agreement), you will likely need to contact the below utility companies in order to start your gas & electricity services.  Please note that cable, telephone and Internet providers vary by service area.

2. Forward Your Mail

Contact the United States Postal Service (USPS) as far ahead of your move-in date as possible to notify them of your new address so your mail will be properly forwarded.

3. Obtain Renter’s Insurance

We highly recommend you obtain renter’s insurance.  Maintaining renter’s insurance protects your personal property in the unlikely event that it becomes damaged or stolen. Please understand that neither the owner of your unit nor Lofty is responsible for any damage to your personal belongings. We recommend you contact your insurance agent for more information on obtaining renter’s insurance.

4. Schedule Your Move-in with the Condominium Association

If your new home is located in a condominium association, it’s likely you will need to schedule your move with the condominium association management company directly.  Please note that many condominium associations require you to complete move-in forms and submit move-in fees and/or deposits prior to your move.   Failure to properly schedule your move-in with the condominium association may result in penalties and/or a delay in your move date.  If you need help hiring a moving company to help you move into your new place please feel free to reach out to your property manager for a recommendation from our network of trusted vendors.

5. Schedule Your Walk-through with Lofty

Your primary property manager will contact you ahead of your move-in to welcome you to your new home and schedule an initial walk-through of your unit.  The walk-through is intended to document the condition of your new home at the time of move in.  A second walk-through will be scheduled at move out.

And that’s it! If you take a few minutes out of your day to follow these 5 simple tips the move into your new home will go smoother than ever before! As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to your property manager or the team at Lofty, we are always excited to help!