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Sidrah Atiq

Real Estate Broker

A true Chicago native with a dedicated passion for real estate and interior design. From my experience as a real estate investor while working within Investment Banking & Private Equity, I found my calling and decided to make the transition into a full-time realtor to help others in their real estate endeavors. My previous corporate roles have helped me gain valuable experience and business knowledge that applies well in all thing’s real estate.

I LOVE everything about it! Whether you are renting, buying / selling, designing / renovating, or looking for an investment opportunity, let me help in creating a sound real estate strategy for your current and future real estate goals. My approach is to expand the mindset of my clients while also teaching you the tools you need to succeed in real estate, in all capacities. Being a real estate broker allows me to do just that, and I can’t wait to help get you started!

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