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How To Write A Killer Property Description

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If you’re in the real estate industry, you’ve probably already experienced the power behind compelling content. Professional photos receive more clicks and great property descriptions can help sell a home faster. Writing a killer property description is also a great way to get creative and have fun with your listings while also creating clear communication that sets the proper expectations for all potential buyers.

Stand out

Many real estate agents think that they need to begin writing their property listings like everyone else. Trying to fit in is one of the worst things you can do when marketing your listing. Making your property sound average and repetitive is an easy way to be forgotten by your reader. Try to think outside of the box and think about your potential buyer. Who are they and what would best resonate with them?

Structure and Plan

To make sure that your listings include all the necessary information and call-to-action without rambling, make sure to structure and plan your listing before you begin to write. Ask any journalist about the hardest, yet most vital part of writing and they’ll tell you it’s creating the headline. It’s the one chance you have to grab the reader’s attention, set the expectation, and compel them to learn more. This first impression has to be short, yet engaging enough to attract the attention of the already distracted reader.  Once readers click on your headline you then present them with an opening statement. This can be a sentence or two and should inform readers on what they are about to see and set expectations. The opening sentence gives readers a reason to keep reading and entices them to learn more. For example, “Come see this charming ranch complete with panoramic views of mountains and only steps from a quaint downtown.” Now onto the property features. This is your chance to get creative and really highlight this home through words. Most property ads are written like “New paint, backyard pool, 1 large master bedroom, new garage door.” To stand out and make it interesting for your reader, you’ll want to tell a story. “You’ll love this 4 bedroom walk-up, perfectly placed in Chicago’s hottest neighborhood. Enjoy the stunning views of State Street while still having the option to escape to the backyard oasis complete with greenery and privacy.” This paints a better picture for the reader and becomes a more attractive way of listing out the house features. Don’t forget to include all the property upgrades. Top real estate agents will tell you that buyers love when homes have recent upgrades. It also makes potential buyers feel like the previous homeowner really took care in keeping the home up to date. While it’s important to paint a picture, try not to get too specific. However, there is a fine line between telling a story, and over exaggerating features to the point where it sounds like you’re lying. If readers detect anything deceptive, you could lose their attention forever.


Another great way to step up a property description is to add a promotion (if you can.) Having a promotion can be as simple as stating “For a limited time, offering a small discount from the listing price.” This will be a statement that influences your call-to-action, which should follow next. Call-to-action statements are a way to summarize your listing and tell your readers what to do next. If possible, include a sense of urgency to show that this property could go quickly if they don’t act fast.

As you write more property descriptions, keep in mind of best practices but also take note of what works best for you and your clientele. Recently, Zillow conducted a study and found that around 250 words is the sweet spot for listing descriptions. Strategically use those 250 words to tell the story of your listing and the neighborhood. Be sure to spell check, grammar check, and don’t overuse trendy lingo! It’s important to make sure you appeal to all ages and demographics.

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