Staging has become a strategic marketing process that top real estate agents have taken on in an effort to show their property in its best light possible. Successful staging results in buyers visualizing all the opportunities and inspirations the property offers and sellers closing in faster. Staging also allows you to create trends and designs that buyers may be looking for at an affordable price. The process has gained so much popularity that it has become a profession of its own.

Deep clean

Starting with the outside, remember the importance of curb appeal when your house goes on the market. It’s the first impression your potential buyers will have and the last thing they will see as they leave. Replace worn out welcome mats and sweep debris from the porch and driveway, when possible. Minimal landscaping with bushes and flowers can add a colorful fresh touch to any front yard. Think of your yard as a free advertising platform. Create a landscape that can bring positive attention and lure prospects inside.

A deep cleaning of the inside is also necessary in order to show off the best features of the interior and make prospects feel comfortable.

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Kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms can often make or break the sale of a home. For example, buyers are willing to pay 41% more for stainless steel appliances. Conduct some research on your target buyer and look for design inspiration on websites where they shop. Buyers in their 20s or 30s tend to shop at Restoration Hardware and West Elm, so staging your property with those designs in mind can help connect the home with their vision. For bathrooms, top realtors always recommend to stage them like a spa. White towels, bathmats, shower curtains and waffle weave robes set the mood for relaxation and give off a spa vibe.

Repair and Replace

If cleaning appliances and hardware doesn’t make it look new, then it may be time to replace. Replacing outdated fixtures is an easy way to modernize your home design without having to spend too much. Broken home items can lead potential buyers to take caution and can actually hurt your sell time.


The best real estate training will teach you that the key to closing a deal is by inspiring buyers to envision the home as their own. Keep personal items to a minimum or remove them altogether. If you’re worried about holes or spots on the wall where family pictures once hung, head to any craft store to buy inexpensive decor that is modern and genderless. Aside from personal items and pictures, remove all religious or political decor that could offend potential buyers or clash with a clean modern design.


Dark spaces give off the feeling of negative connotations and cold space when it comes to homes. During open houses, walkthroughs, and pictures, keep the curtains pulled back, shades rolled up and allow as much natural light to shine through as possible. Heavy curtains should be replaced with lightweight neutral ones. You’ll also want to enhance dim spaces and corners of the home using lamps. A thought-out lighting strategy allows buyers to see everything they need while making rooms look larger and more inviting. Mirrors can also help reflect lighting and enhance small rooms to appear larger while creating a noticeable ambiance.


Top real estate agents believe that rooms should clearly portray their functions. Whether it’s an office for an entrepreneur, or a formal dining room, think of an easy way to differentiate each space.  Many homes tend to have rooms that are used as storage space. Unfortunately, these do not captivate buyers and can often throw off their vision. Outline a clear purpose for each room before you begin the staging process. There are many ways to convey a purpose without spending too much money. You can turn a window nook into a reading spot with a small table and lamp. You can add pillows and curtains to a dark basement to create a private meditation escape. Giving purpose to all your rooms gives the sense of a larger home with more functionable spaces. Remember to not make them too personable but to instead inspire imagination within your buyer.

Staging can give any home life by showcasing its best assets to impress buyers and sell quickly for the highest price. Since not all real estate agents stage their homes, you’ll be at an advantage if you do so. Prospects are looking for more than a structure to live in. They’re looking to create future memories, improve their lifestyle, and build their life.

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