While the real estate market has had its changes over the years, there is one thing that most agents can agree on: it takes effort, skill, and strategy to sell a home. Taking advantage of easy home renovations could add value to your home and increase ROI. Not all sellers may be willing to spend the time and money for renovations, so it’s also important to come with a plan to support your claim. The recommendations below come from top realtors in Chicago and have been proven to add the most value to a home, without an intimidating budget.

top kitchen remodels to sell home in Chicago

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling.

The best real estate training and top agents will remind you that kitchens and bathrooms are key factors on how fast a home will sell. There’s an old saying that everyone always congregates in the kitchen, so naturally people want an impressive one. An old kitchen can be negative to buyers, yet there are many ways to refresh and redo a kitchen to wow potential buyers. Replace black and white appliances with stainless steel and switch out old laminate countertops for granite. (Chose colors that appeal to all home buyers) There are plenty of affordable options for granite and you can find discounted appliances at outlets. Another key feature to any kitchen is the sink.  Upgrading an old sink can really grab the focus of a buyer.

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Refine Your Flooring.

Similar to paint, flooring can also change the look and feel of a home. Top realtor have confirmed that hardwood is always the most appealing to buyers. If you do happen to have hardwood floors in a home, make sure to refinish them if they’re beginning to look dull. A refinish can turn old floors new again and brighten up any room. If the home does not have hardwood floors, there are many high quality laminate options that work beautifully and are affordable. Carpeting may be acceptable in bedrooms if it’s good quality. However, many buyers are beginning to turn away from carpeting altogether. If your sellers are thinking about replacing the carpeting altogether, you may want to opt for hardwood, or basic snap-to hardwood instead.

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Upgrade Fixtures.

Upgrading a home’s fixtures is an easy way to create a modern look at a low price. From lighting fixtures to new hardware, you can chose which fixtures you think have the most impact and go from there. Be sure to make sure that fixtures match to avoid a randomized style look.

Curb Appeal.

The exterior of a home is the first impression on potential buyers. Manicuring the front yard with flowers, new mulch, and a fresh coat of paint on shutters is a great way to enhance your curb appeal on a budget. Make sure the porch is clean and organized and, if it’s a selling point, add lighting to draw more attention to it. If the siding on your home looks dirty or old, take time to power wash and refresh the exterior.

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