As a real estate agent, you already know the importance of being creative in marketing your listings. In an industry where much of real estate training teaches you the same marketing tactics as other agents, it’s necessary to always stay educated on new marketing tools to help you differentiate yourself and more importantly; sell your homes faster.

When it comes to that “hard sell”, we know the struggle of watching the days go by with no inquiries or showings. Or maybe you’re having showings, but no offers. Sometimes you’ve exhausted all your resources and marketing tools, and you just need something new to stand out or get the ball rolling. Below, we’ve outlined some creative ways to market that “hard-to-sell” listing that you’ve been worried about for weeks.

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Show Off The Neighborhood.

In many cases, the neighborhood itself is enough to sell a home. Capitalizing on areas that offer great amenities and/or local flavor is a great selling tactic used by top real estate agents. Potential buyers may not be familiar with the neighborhood and may have a difficult time picturing their life there. Go out of your way to plan a night out at a local favorite. Pick a street that is lively, but safe, and a restaurant that you know will delight. You can use Opentable to make a reservation and even schedule an Uber to pick them up and drop them off. This takes out the frustration of parking or driving in an area that is unknown to them. As passengers, it also allows them to see the neighborhood. The marketing angle here is to create an experience that not only allows them to explore the neighborhood, but it also shows the buyers that you care about more than just selling your listing.

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Look For Investors.

Leverage the internet to find people who may want to buy your property as an investment. With Google, you can find a list of all the properties in your area that sold for cash in the past 1-2 years. Use the list to create an email campaign on Mailchimp and let these people know that you have some properties they may be interested in.

You can also google “We Buy Homes” and the city you’re located in to find property buyers in your area. Similarly, using social media, you can search “Real Estate Investor” on Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter to search people who have listed that as their job title.

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Create An Awesome Video.

87% of online marketers now use video to convert their audiences into paying customers. Videos on social media generate 12oo% more shares than text and images together! You can create a video tour with your narration allowing you to touch on all the value points of the house while adding your personal touch to incite emotional reaction within the viewer. If a professional videographer is not in your budget, there are plenty of real estate video apps that will allow you to create a customized video with professional quality features. Get creative and try to tell a story that people want to watch.

Hold An Open House Party.

These days it may take a little more than fresh baked cookies and flowers to win an open house. If your property has great entertaining space and your sellers are onboard, throw a party!  You can include catered food, live music, prizes, and alcohol to lure in local buyers and real estate agents in your area. Any instagram picture opportunities are a great way to get people to post about the property or you! Creating just enough buzz around the party could bring in the right people, or at least get you the exposure that a normal open house couldn’t.

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