Top 3 Reasons People Use Property Management Services

The choice to have a property professionally managed provides release from the headaches of trying to juggle too many things at once. The fact is, a large majority of us are stressed because we just can’t seem to find enough time in the day.

Here at Lofty, many of our clients have reached out to us because they simply didn’t have enough time to enjoy life on their terms. Others found themselves making the same mistakes over and over based on the fact they had no one with expertise to guide them to the right way to think about the issues at hand. Others still found a combination of issues resulting in a less than desireable return on their investment—there are a lot of folks out there who are or are planning to use their investment property as a retirement solution. That is hard to do when it is losing money.

There are three main factors that provide the reasons why property owners make the switch to a professional property management service.

Factor One: Expertise

A lot of property owners not only lack the time but they also lack the knowledge of how to deal with tenants. This is the kind of knowledge that accompanies experience. Professional expertise quickly becomes invaluable, especially in the instance of a difficult tenant.  Difficult tenants can sap your time, energy and money. A professional property management company will run pre-screening process that takes multiple steps in seeking only the right tenants.

And what if a difficult tenant evades the pre-screen? The property management company handles them! If you’ve ever had a bad tenant you know how much strife they can cause. Save yourself the hassle and hire a property management company! Many property owners find that handing over day to day management duties to a professional with expertise is an overall smarter way to do business.

Factor Two: Time

More property owners have decided to sign with a property management company in order to free-up enough time to really enjoy their lives. This rings especially true for owners who live more than 30 minutes from their property. It can be extremely pressing on your time to have to swing by for any reason other than an actual fire. Tenant phone calls can easily cross into the stressful and time-consuming territory.

There are lots of areas that need focusing on to effectively manage a property. It can quickly turn into a full time job. If there is a repair that needs to be done you will have to hire a contractor and schedule the repair. If you own more than one property, it is a burden to create a network of trusted contractors and vendors for the various tasks on your list.

When the lease is up, you will have to find tenants to rent the space! This means: producing your own photography; writing and posting your listings on all the various websites out there; field phone calls and emails, then coordinating showing times in a way that doesn’t have you driving back and forth for each one; consistently vetting all applicants; drafting legal documents from the lease to the security deposit receipt; collect and manage funds; perform move-in and move-out walkthroughs that ensure fairness and accountability; provide all necessary disclosures… Wow!

Property owners choose to have their properties managed professionally because they understand that even the greatest juggler has a limit. They also understand that the most precious commodity in any person’s life is time.

Factor Three: Profit

A professional property management company is all business and, as we all know, business is about the bottom line. There is no emotional attachment to tenants and there is no emotional attachment to the property. A quality property management company will do what is in the best interest of both the Owner and Renters, while keeping the bottom line front of mind.

This means that a property management company will:

  • lead you to make informed decisions about what is best for the property; this essentially leads to an increase in overall profits.
  • attract qualified tenants and keep your property rented; this includes pre-screening to ensure you get a reliable tenant who pays on time.
  • help you manage your income and expenses so you increase revenue.


Reach Out And We Will Be There

If you own a property, we would love to hear your successes and horror stories. We would also love to have a conversation about how Lofty can help you get out from under your responsibilities and back out in the world, enjoying your life. Here at Lofty, we want to help you live the life you deserve!


Whether you just need to find the right tenants for your investment property, or you want everything managed from top to bottom, live the life you deserve and let Lofty handle the rest.