When you own investment properties in Chicago and are on the hunt for the best tenants to rent to, it’s important to post great ads to entice potential renters. Standing out against your competitors’ ads is easier than you might think—-it comes down to including five things that show to tenants that you’re the one they should be renting from and not anyone else. As a property management company in Chicago, we at Lofty know that some ads will be more successful than others, and we strive to help our clients draw in the best renters possible. Follow these tips to edge out your competition and find the best people to rent to.

5) A Headline that Avoids All Cliches

When you scan through rental listings, you likely see the same headlines over and over, with emphasis placed on the same key phrases—”Great location,” “Going fast,” “Recently rehabbed,” etc. While these help renters distinguish run of the mill places, they’re a bit empty and can be a lot stronger to catch someone’s eye. Instead of simply noting where the rental is and that it might be in a popular neighborhood, point out things that are great about the property itself. Features like hardwood floors, in-unit laundry, or a dishwasher are all points to note about properties that can draw in interested renters. That’s because not all of the rentals in Chicago have these features, and for many tenants, higher end amenities are on their “must have” lists. Include these phrases in your listings and you may find that you get more phone calls about seeing the place.

Things to Include in Your Chicago Rental Ads

4) Staging

Too often, rental listings include photos of rental properties that are clearly still being lived in. While that’s okay, if absolutely necessary, it’s much more appealing to a renter to see what the apartment looks like at its best. If you’re really trying to get your properties rented quickly and to great tenants, one way to entice them is to consider staging the units so that the photos you use in listings look fantastic. Staging may involve purchasing temporary furniture that you can keep in storage (or use for staging other properties), but it makes the apartment look like something aspirational, rather than showing off some other tenant’s old couch and cluttered bedroom. Making your property look extremely well maintained is a great way to get people interested—especially when you think about all of the other properties being listed with dim photos that look like they were taken on a last-minute basis.

3) Outdoor Photos

Another tipping point for renters is being able to envision what their new neighborhoods will look like. Will they live on a tree-lined side street or a bustling intersection? Of course, not every tenant will want one or the other, so posting photos of what the outside of the property looks like as well as its immediate surrounding area can help people decide whether it’s what they are looking for. Many investment property owners think it’s enough to just post photos of their properties’ interiors, but this can cause you to waste a lot of time showing units in busy neighborhoods to tenants who ultimately want peace and quiet, or showing units on a quiet street filled with families and children to people who want to be closest to the latest nightlife openings.

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2) Selling Points

Thinking back to the headline, if you include features of your properties that other property owners in Chicago aren’t offering, you may find that more and more people are interested in renting from you. For example, utilities being included in the rent is something that people will jump at the chance to have, as it cuts down the amount of bills they have to organize every month.

Permit parking or a covered lot are also great selling points, particularly in Chicago where parking is often at a premium. Include the features that tipped you to purchase the building in the first place, as those same features will appeal to renters.

1) A Call to Action

Finally—and this seems almost too simple to include as a tip—it’s important to include a call for your potential renters to get in touch with you. Too many rental ads simply list the facts: cross streets, price, and a bullet list of amenities. If you’re trying to get a property rented fast, make it easier for your potential tenants. Include a call to action at the end of your listing such as when to call, who to ask for, or when showings will take place. Phrases like “Stop by Thursday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. to see this unbeatable apartment,” or “Ask for Tony when you call to schedule your showing” can help tenants feel like if they don’t do so, they may miss out on your rentals.

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Getting Help With Your Listings

As an investment property owner, you’ve probably got a to-do list a mile long. At Lofty, we understand that things get pushed off all the time, and when you’re on a time crunch it’s easy to cut corners. As a property management company in Chicago, we want to help you. We’ll help you write the most effective ads possible for your listings, and we’ll also help you screen tenants. After your new renters move in, we can take care of maintenance requests, tracking down rent, and so much more. At Lofty, we strive to get rid of your busy work so that you can live the life you deserve. To learn more about all we can do for you, contact us anytime.

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