5 Simple Tips For Writing A Great Rental Property Ad

The first step in finding a great tenant is getting their attention! A few tips for writing a really great rental property ad can go a long way in quickly securing a qualified tenant that is respectful to your property and pays on-time!

Have you ever browsed through the rental property ads on sites like Zillow, Trulia, Zumper, Rad Pad or Craigslist? Some ads grab your attention while others you flip right past. Following these simple steps can help you create the attention grabbing ads that will get your property rented in a timely fashion.
#5. Attention Getters

It all starts with headlines. You need to reel them in with the headline and pique their interest so they can’t wait to learn more. Two examples:

  • 2bd / 1ba
  • 2 Large Bedrooms, 1 Oversized Bathroom

Both say there is a place that has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. By adding certain exciting, descriptive details, you can increase interest. You want to keep the headline short and snappy and give just enough information to make someone want to learn more!

Here are two more examples:

  • 2 Large Bedrooms, 1 Oversized Bathroom
  • 2 large, airy bedrooms with GREAT VIEWS and a SUPER-SIZED bathroom

See how adding just a couple of words with capitalization makes them pop so much more? Use ADJECTIVES in the headline and capitalize them.

#4. Hold Nothing Back

It is ideal to fill the space available as you tell the story of why this home is the perfect home for the reader. Make sure to talk about the amenities of the property and where it is located; include information on the conveniences like shopping, restaurants and parks nearby. It is up to you to bring the property to life through your words, allowing the prospective renter to picture themselves living there and what it might feel like. That feeling they get—from the right renter—it is worth every second of work you have done and is key to establishing a solid relationship.

You can use words that offer information about the little details of the rental. Some good examples of that are: “charming chair rails”, “vintage hardwoods”, “move in ready” or “turnkey”. The main idea here is that words matter to spark interest and achieve your desired results. Be descriptive in your explanation to create an opportunity for the reader to make a mental image of themselves enjoying their new space.

#3. Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

Actually, a great photo says 1,000 of the right words that will yield more interest, more showings, and a reduced market time. Great photography truly does more to convey than any words ever could.

The trick to photographing a space is using the geometry to your advantage. Stand in the corner of the room, preferably a doorway, and aim the camera in a direction that arranges all vertical lines straight up and down. When combined with horizontal surfaces that appear to zoom out of the frame from the farthest point from the viewer, the room appears to continue past the edge of the photo which gives the impression of more space. At Lofty, we offer in-house professional photography because we know from proven experience how important photos are to the end goal.

Natural light is a photographer’s best friend when utilized correctly. The on-camera flash creates harsh and direct lighting from the front that casts a cold, blue color over the subject and a hard shadow. Natural light mixed with interior lighting can help you achieve softened shadows and highlights with a smooth gradation that helps to create a visual balance through the image.

#2. Priced To Move

Being direct with your rent price is definitely the way to go. If you aim lower than you will actually charge, with the intent to attract more attention, it will be the kind of attention you don’t want: renters who cannot afford your rent. If you price too high and don’t budge, renters will look elsewhere without so much as an email. When you are secure with your pricing, you will attract the renters you want.

If you start far enough in advance of your vacancy date, you can allow the market to help you find the right price. By starting a bit higher and adjusting incrementally, the market will guide your price based on attention.

#1. Finally, Last Step!

Check and recheck the advertisement for spelling, grammar and pricing accuracy before you publish. Even if you are sure about your writing abilities, have someone else review to double check that it makes sense and is easy to understand. Follow these guidelines to make sure your ad stands out and beats the competition!


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